You are specially invited to the first ever physical Internet/ affiliate marketing hang out in Abuja


sharing the internet secret cults strategies to be successful online

Why tag it that way? Find out more below

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Date and Time

September 17 2022, 10am to 4pm


Central area Abuja (full address after registration)

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For the first time ever, here is an opportunity to meet and connect with some of the brightest minds in the Abuja internet marketing space 

  • Get close and personal 

  • Vibe with people in your location and more

Dear Abuja online marketer, 

This is Praise Akinlami Speaking (No1 Affiliate expert in Abuja)

See in 2020 I always thought that the best people in the internet space were in a cult, Like a money cult.

And I wanted to join. So I started to attend a lot of events hosted by them and then I finally joined and my income 10x in few months... So I want you to join my money in Abuja

I want to specially invite you to the first ever online marketers hangout in Abuja 

The last time I did something that looked like this, I only allowed 40 people attend (along side my mentor)

And 22 out of the 40 went on to make a shit load of cash with the strategies I and my mentor shared 

Back then I made that private, but this time I'm giving just 17 people another opportunity to be like the last 22 that cut soap from me 

Then I only thought CPA, but this time I'll teach CPA and more

This particular one I'm doing now is more massive and also the first of its kind 

We called it

sharing the internet secret cults strategies to be successful online

To ensure this makes a lot of sense, I have invited a host of people alongside me, People who have made good money(Lots of amazing stuff down below on this page too)

Billionaire Amah: At just 18 years of Age, this young lady started her journey in 2021 and has been able to make a couple of millions for herself. And went on to become a top affiliate herself and won a prestigious sales challenges with a lot of cash prices for herself. while studying in Maiduguri Nigeria

Amah is the real reason a lot of Nigerians believe they can make it too in the online space

Peculiar Keys: The first person to open my eyes to the make money online space properly

Worked with some of the biggest brands (Over 70 brands through design and tech). and has made over $83,000 in the process. been responsible for the growth of many businesses, there is a lot to learn from him, just like he thought me in 2020

Peculiar Keys possesses skills across, graphics design, Ui/UX design, application development. On the other hand, He has mastered other skills outside of the digital world and more

And 2 more speakers which will be unveiled that day

So here are some of the things we will be doing in the meet up split into 3 parts 

Part 1 - Entertainment

  • Food and entertainment (you know I won’t leave this out
  • Games 
  • General discussion 
  • Pictures

Part 2 - strategy and soap cutting

  • You have the opportunity to learn the strategies that helped Praise Akinlami scale  up to become No 1. CPA marketer in Abuja
  • Special keynote strategy sharing session 
  • How to start from scratch as a an affiliate till you reach 7 figures (strategies used by an 18 year old to win any sales challenge and hit 7 figure 
  • Special lessons on how I managed to finish with a high CGPA in school while doing business
  • Affiliate marketing and information marketing start up session (how to start affiliate marketing)
  • Breakout strategy session - strategies on how to break out as a struggling affiliate to a profitable affiliate
  • You have the opportunity to network with other internet marketers and build profitable relationships
  • Exclusive QNA (ask me anything)

Even more

Part 3 - the aftermath

  • access to our Abuja internet marketing cult group, so that we can always connect and discuss even after the event 
  • access to my personal number and that of the speakers so you can get really close 
  • Access to my 10x your affiliate sales playbook where I share all the strategies 
  • And more to come 
  • One lucky person gets the chance to be mentored by me in both my CPA dollar academy and my APPM Community

The thing is, we have just a few days to the event and only slots for 17 people, because I want to have really close relationships with everyone. So I won't be able to take a lot of people 

So grab a spot today real quick

Once again, the moment you pay, you are getting access to 

  • everything listed that will occur in the Abuja hang out as listed above 

  • 1 selected person gets personal mentorship from me directly

  • Access to my profitsperminute Branded T-shirt 

  • Be among the 5 lucky winners of the sales boosting book (How to sell to Nigerians by My mentor Akin Alabi)

Registration Fee is N10,000 only 

See you there, I'm rooting for you❤

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