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Your first $500 journey begins  

Module 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Welcome to CPA Dollar Academy 

Lesson 2: Mindset Strategy session

Module 2: Introduction 

Lesson 1: Introduction 

Lesson 2: Common terms in CPA

Lesson 3: The CPA Process

Lesson 4: CPA Setup bible

Module 3: Dollar Deals

Lesson 1: Getting deals Part 1

Lesson 2: Getting Deals Part 2

Module 4: Traffic and Funnels

Lesson 1: Lead generation 

Lesson 2: Organic Traffic - $30,000 template 1

Lesson 3: More on traffic - Paid traffic and more

Lesson 4: high Converting Sales Funnels

Lesson 4: Conversion rocket

Module 5: Creating Offers

Lesson 1: Creating irresistible offers 

Module 6: Conclusion

Lesson 1: Putting it all together

Lesson 2: Always do this in your business 

Affiliate Booster and Bonuses 

 WhatsApp Course - By Jerry Fabian 

Facebook ads Course - By Sam Segun 

landing page building course - by Vincent T 

Access the email marketing course here - By Majeed Durojaiye

Forex resources 

Profit per minute signal room

Forex course Full edition 

How to use Profit per minute signals

‚ÄčRisk management tutorial video

Quick Tips and other Trainings plus Templates

Crypto CPA - How to earn from crypto without taking any trades (Crypto CPA)

Lead Magnet Template video 

How to structure your campaign - Ayanfe Goodness (Free Template)

Weekly Coaching Videos 

Warning: Only watch this videos after you have watched the main content 

CDA Caching call - Funnels

CDA Caching call - Deals and links  

CDA Caching call - Dashboard and links overview 

CDA Caching call - the 3 Income streams 

CDA Caching call - Organic traffic 3.0

Facebook page review 

Special session with top student Sani sheriff

The 2023 game plan

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